Committees and Boards

  • Operations Committee
    The Operations Committee, which meets weekly, has oversight and authority for the Registry’s day-to-day operations.


  • Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee is GenTAC’s main governing body and establishes the Registry’s scientific direction.


  • Coordinator Committee
    The Coordinator Committee consists of the research coordinators at each GCC and meets monthly to discuss issues related to data and specimen collection.


  • Imaging Core Subcommittee
    The Imaging Subcommittee provides guidance for image acquisition and leadership for research using imaging data.


  • Scientific Advisory Board
    The Scientific Advisory Board reviews research proposals and provides guidance to advance the science and use of Registry resources.


  • Observational Safety and Monitoring Board
    The NHLBI appoints the Observational Safety and Monitoring Board, a multidisciplinary group of experts that performs independent monitoring of overall progress, clinical outcomes, and patient safety of the Registry.


  • Genetics Subcommittee
    The Genetics Subcommittee oversees the collection of genetic information from GenTAC biospecimens and its integration into the overall GenTAC registry database.